Of course Jill makes everything ten times cuter than you could ever even imagine. She is so creative. I covet her ish-ness ability to turn "ish" into "-ness" {cuteness, amazingness, get it}.

And April (alongside Baby Wiener Dog* <--she's preggo. It's the size of a sausage. So I renamed it until we figure out if it's a he or a she. SHABAM, Sam) strung this decadance across the stairway. Lookit that zebra ish. Find me a fiancee so I can buy one! SIKE. After the mish, maybe.
*Funny side note: the red squiggle-line yelled at me for spelling "wiener" wrong--tehe! Am I in third grade? Yes..I am.

Hello my b-e-a-UTIFUL bride-to-be. Isn't she hott? Yes yes, I know. Jess, you're a lucky one. Still a little bitter about you stealing my BFFer {jKidding}. RIP BRITNEY JEAN PETERSEN.

:] I would. I did. CONQUERED.

Miss Britney Jean,

You are my best friend. You have helped me in ways I can't even begin to describe, majoritively ways you probably aren't even aware of. Here is a list of what I will miss the most once you die {aka get married..don't worry, you die as BJP and become BJG Loh!L}:

{ONE} Sleeping with you in Mommy Petersen's bed when she's out of town. I guess Jess will fufill my calling even better. Dang husbands.

{TWO} Catching the Petersen house on fire whilst attempting to make muffins during General Conference. Hopefully the Gulbrandsen house doesn't have sensitive fire alarms.

{THREE} Singing you to sleep. Actually, I don't think I ever did that.. uhhhhhh..

{FOUR} Playing your piano. But! Guess what! I can do so at your new house!! OMGGGG.

{FIVE} Eating pudding. I guess that's Mommy Jill's. But still. I even got the special pudding spoon :[ And now you with your "no sugar" rule. Blast.

I am so excited/proud/happy/overjoyed/any-other-adjective-you-can-insert-here for you! You are incredible. Ah. Tearing up. Love you.

TheFINALcountdown: ONEmoredays. Yes, days. Because I can.


Lauren said...

cutest party ever! I am so excited for her!

Britney Jean said...

awwww...girl i love you.

thanks for this post.

made me cry.

i love you.

YOU are AMAZING. and you have helped me in so many ways.

umm...scrapbook day soon?

vision boards...

whoever said 2009 started in January? I thought it was July...