Just a few things to note in your journal:

1. Pudding is a food group in and of itself <3 'Nuff said.

2. I don't care if I'm flying first class--I hate traveling. Just because my seat is two-times as wide and includes a free recycled pillow and 3-course meal doesn't reassure my brain that crashing into the ground at 438 mph leaves room for the least allowance of survival. You know whattaym' sayin?

3. Reading the B.O.M in one month is do-able. And by "do-able" I mean that I'm doing it. By July 5th. That's only 17 pages a day--nobigdeal.

4. My best friend is getting married in LIKE12MOTHERLOVIN'DAYS! Ohmycusswordsoexciting

5. I've never been fond of the number 5. Boycott.

6. I like photography kind of a lot. Need pictures done? Click me. Really. I dare you. Sorry for the self-solicitation <--blame it on the 'conomy. What can'naaye seigh? Nuffin.


Britney Jean said...

1. reading this made me think of Brother Wold

2. now i miss him

3. it's actually eleven days...

4. flying = ewwww and i have an almost eleven hour flight to the bahamas in less than two weeks. kill me. but i'm sure the beach and swimming with dolphins will make up for it.

5. five is OVERrated. you're right.

6. photography = fabulous. and i just picked up my disc from Annie with all my pictures. :)

Samantha said...

your blog is super cute and way to go on the BOM i think I may try and do that it will be no big deal... ha and flying um yuck-a-saurus like as i would rather face non real dinosaurs that would chase me through plains than fly!!!!! and you are an amazing photographer!!! way to go girly!!! oh and I am new to your blog not a blog stalker or anything but I found it after I posted mine and was browsing people

ChristineMarie said...

Hi. I love your blog. And you. The end.