So for church, I'm on the mingles committee (big dawg, eh? lol). Basically, we help 19 year-old girls find and marry 22 year-old boys after first setting sights upon each other after church on the 3rd Sunday of each month whilst munching on brownies {hellloo run-on sentence}. It makes for good wedding stories regarding the chocolate that was stuck on their teeth and what not. Okay. I totally exaggerated that--I just wanted to make my calling sound like this eternally-held big deal, per se. I just bring food for people to eat. Pretty basic, if you will.

This Sunday I feel like being domestic and making cupcakes. I want to do something cute. We shall see where my creativities take me <--probably to a dead end, alloting me the choice of either jumping into a canal or getting hit by the metro city bus..

I'll keep you posted on what this little mind of mine decides/does/dabbles upon.

*Also. If you read my blog, do say hi. I just got a new little counter thing as of 15 minutes ago--you're not as anonymous anymore :]] Haha. Kthx.


James & Prilly said...

Make Cute cupcakes. RedVelvet yummm. Just b/c they're my favorite & I have a really good recipe...LMK if you want. PS babyweinerdog is now the size of a Lemon...babylemondog just doesn't have the same ring...What to do?! Going to Dr. 2moro to get the lowdown on what's happening in there.

ChristineMarie said...

Mingles!! Ha.
Actually your ward's wasn't meat market-ish. Which I appreciated.
I think you should take pictures of the cupcakes. And send one to me in Chicago. And by one, I mean a picture and a real one. Kthanks.

ps: your blog makes me laugh. And glad we're friends :)

brooke said...

ohhhhh natalie. you crack me up continuously with your blog. i may officially become a stalker! (not creepy) I appreciate your baking efforts even if it is for a rather unusual cause. You inspire me! i still have to bake for 4 more hours to get my young women's medallion (i'm a liittle late i know..don't judge me!) welp, i hope all your wildest dreams come true..i am absolutely positive we will talk soon!
con mucho amor,

Samantha said...

hahaha super cute i think its cute to do cuppycakes!!! what ward are you in im in the fiesta ward by mcc and i dont think we have anyone who brings of the treats of goodness just like twizzlers haha oh and i to appreciate non creepy bloggy stalkers we can all just beeee bestest bloggy friends

Jillene said...

get that apron on girl and start cookin!

hmmmm mommy jill will start thinkin and if i have any suggestions for you i will share! the only thing that comes to mind now is COSTO. yeah COSTCO. they have yummy cupcakes you could buy and add cute little unedible ribbons and daisies :D

don't ask why i am up at 3:30am writing this. yawn. i am so tired i can hardly think straight!

loves you! :)

oh and i like your new blog!

Britney Jean said...


my name is britney.

i read your blog.


glad i got that off my chest.

your stat counter found me.