I am beautiful, no matter what they say..

Yes yes, little bloggie here got a make-over :] It was long overdue, and still in the works.
I tweaked a few different codes and threw together a banner in aboutttt 15 minutes, so shush your face if you don't like it. :]

So, as most of you know, Ashley was voted off of SYTYCD tonight :[ We love you, girl! Way to represent AZ <3

That highlights my unproductive day. Pretty much.


Samantha said...

srsly looooove the new font!!! i need to figure out how to do these cute things!!! and the banner is lovely and i know i was sad when she got voted off i don't think she should have even been in the bottom three but she rocked it and im glad she finally at least made it onto the show and got to show off her dancing skills!!!

Nick & Kristin said...

SO CUTE! Teach me how to make a super cute banner please!

Kaitlyn Dwiggins said...

dear natalie, i looovveee your blog. teach me please after we play ping pong!!! LOVE, kaitlyn

Britney Jean said...

not happy with you.

haven't watched sytycd dance since the WEDNESDAY episode before my wedding. just waiting for a chance to go watch it all off my tivo.

but you just RUINED it. I already know Ash is gone. :(

oh well. i'll still watch it.

and i LOVE your banner. help me? mmkay thanks.

The Nye's said...

Love the new blog make-over!! So cute! p.s. those cupcakes look amazing, and I want one!

James & Prilly said...

bloggy is sooo cute. Help me make it cute for babyweinerdog. Lov u.