Illuminate. Oh bright happy land of musical bliss.


I'm obfreakingsessed.
And have been.
For way too long.
And I love every minute of it.
Have YOU ever listened?
If not, do the following:

Search "Lydia Illuminate"
Pay particular listening attention to:
*The One You Once Loved is Leaving
*One More Day
*Your Taste is My Attention

Prepare to be LYDIAsized. Tell me how it goes.
Ohh. You can listen to them HERE, too.

Oh. And Aaron Marsh (lead singer of Copeland) sings in some of their stuff. YESSSSSSSS.

PS. My friend just texted me this: "I went snowboarding today". Whattehheck!?! Depress. Ing. Is it season yet? :[
him:"in my dreams. dangit"
me:"i hope you get pooped on by a bird"


Sarah Eileen said...

seriously so you!

ily <3

angieinpink said... likey, too.

ps: hilarious about the vision boards. i am flattered. thanks for the comment, sister.

Britney Jean said... love LOVE them. :)