Kitchen Aid is the best.

This weekend, folks, I will be taking on a large baking task. Be ready. Because I'm not :]

If someone wants to claim dibs on the finished product, go ahead. I can't guarentee it's looks or taste. I just wanted to try out a new thing. Dum-de-dum. Loves yous.

PS. My dear friend Moroni is HOME!


Haylee Abney said...

That hot pink kitchen aid is freaking awesome!! is it your's?! or maybe just you want it to be your's??:)

Good luck on your baking adventure!!

The Nye's said...

umm I soo want that kitchen aid! Mine is a handy down, so it's kind of old, but I still love it! I can't wait to see the finished product! Feel free to bring some to the Nye's so I can try. :)

Lauren said...

I have NEVER seen a hot pink Kitchenaid before...BUT I MUST HAVE ONE!

Um hi. I am excited about Moroni!

I love you. Come over tonight. I am making enchiladas.

Samantha said...

ummm hello the kitchen aid is gorgeous and your domestic ventures always turn out beautiful so um yes anytime you want to make goodies let me know!!!

brooke said...

hahaha THATS AWESOME. Yesterday morning i tried to make Cap'n Crunch French Toast. It was okay, but i'd rather just have my original french toast. or pancakes.

Cristin Lynn said...

I love your blog!

And your hot pink Kitchen Aid. Where the heck did you get it?