I know I am a freak..

..but since WHEN did Nike start making snowboard boots?!?!?!

I will have this. I hhWILL. I hhWILL {forget it}. <--name that movie allusion.


uhski said...


the safety word will be hhhwhisky.

Nick & Kristin said...

saying hhhhWhat, hhhhwhat hhway?
lol love those boots

Sass on Stilettos said...

Natalie! Hi this is Stephanie Peterson. So my sister looks at your blog constantly and i decided i will too. I love it. Also, yesterday in ap government ms. ries showed your "constitution project" as a perfect example for what ours should look like. do you remember what i'm talking about? anyway you should feel pretty cool. You rock. love ya

Anonymous said...

Those are SO CUTE!!!

Emily said...

HWWWHY must you have these?

LOL Just kidding. I know why. Because they look like the vomit of a gay unicorn. I love it.

Samantha said...

hahah these are insane!!!! but i loves them