This post is a hot mess..

Random thought of the hour:
If I leave my gum under a table at a restaurant,
can I count that as charity?
I mean, I have good oral hygiene. Brush twice a day.
Thus, I'd be decreasing the probability that a three year-old
would pick a wad previously chomped on by a smoker.
Or booger-eater.
I'd even leave a little flavor.

Arizona grew a glacier. <--like a tumor
Yes, I am a self-announced geologist.
No, do not ask me what I got in geology.
I plead my case in saying my test scores were among the top 3
out of 350 kids..
My attendance, however..not so much.
Lesson of the day: Go to class, folks.
{Rather hypocritical of me, of all people, to say}


So the Halloweenie {yes, I just said weenie} costumes have been finalized.
No, you cannot know what they are//yet.
Yes, I will show you with pictures, come Saturday.
Hopefully they turn out. We're making them.
Domestication, at it's best..pray for me.


Lauren Elizabeth said...

can't wait to see the costumes!

Brie said...

neither can i, lauren. neither can i. ha.

RatalieNose said...

You know, I've never thought of it that way (the gum thing) but it is pure genius!