Do as I say, not as I do..

I have a secret.
A big secret.
In fact, it could possibly be the end of me,
for it goes against everything I've ever stood for.

Alas, I shall tell you.....


Natalie may or may not have gone to the midnight showing of New Moon.

Now WAIT. Before you stone me to death, I request the presence of someone at my feet.
Here's the story via dialogue form:
Step-mom: "I have an extra ticket to New Moon tonight, want to go?"
Natalie: "LOL why'd you get those?!?!"
Step-mom: "Well Tori (the seeester) and her friend are going.."
Natalie: "Oh..well I have homework but thanks. Who's taking them?"
Step-mom: "I am, I'm going.."
Natalie: " With who??"
Step-mom: "Myself, hence the extra ticket.."
Natalie: "Oh. Well I'll go with you then.."

Yes. I did it. I went. However, I must rationalize my juvenille behavior with the following warrants:
1) The previews were better than the movie. (Anyone want to see The Lovely Bones?!?! Kcool, let's go)
2) Rob Pattinson -- sucks.
3) Kristin whatever -- sucks.
4) My friend's brother is definitely Embry. How cool is daat?!
5) Whenever Kristin-Bella-girl goes to kiss someone she makes this weird "it-smells-staank" face, whilst inhaling awkwardly 2 times. Ruined movie-kissing. Sick.
5) Face Punch was probably better.
6) Alice's outfits were all things that I will one day have in my closet. That was the best part of the whole movie.
7) Short-hair Jacob - sexxxxxyyyy.
8) The whole "Edward-sparkles-like-a-dance-costume" thing was way better in my mind. Horrible, just horrible.
9) Charlie's awkwardness was legit.
10) Between the screaming girls and moaning old lady next to me during all the Tay-Tay-nudey-shirt parts..*shoots self*. Boom, dead. x.X

Anywho. Yeah. Now I have this cool new purple wrist band. And a headache from the three hours of sleep.



Lauren said...

this is our biggest and only difference in our twinship.

I am the mother of all twi-love. haha :) I loooved it!

And I love you!

Natalie said...

While I am 32, there is a 53% chance that I maaaay have been the old lady moaning during all the Tay-Tay-nudey-shirt parts. I was very upset when you shot yourself.

Anonymous said...

well i'll have to watch it first to give my first response.
bt sorry to hear u ddnt like it. (:
have an awesome weekened.

Elizabeth Marie said...

I love you for being so disgusted. I never plan on seeing any of it!

Natalie and Trent said...

Rob sucks
Kristin sucks

They are nothing what I pictured.
After this movie, I am a converted Jacob fan.
Although, I must say that I am just calling myself: TEAM TAYLOR. gorgeous? yes. I about drooled during the nudey-shirt parts. I for sure grabbed my husbands arm and started panting..yes. thats right. not just one time either, many, many times. I think I'm losing my breath thinking about it. Honestly, whole movie was worth seeing just to see sexy short hair taylor without a shirt on. let's be honest.

lucky, i didn't pay to see the movie so I don't feel I am crazy. I won tickets :-)

Connie said...

Good for you and liking what you like. I however LOOOOVED the movie and plan on seeing it again and again.. and .


Haylee Abney said...

Your little list about the movie is pretty much 100% accurate!! haha i loooved it though:)

Autumn said...

I'll have to see it before I can agree and disagree.

Kaitlyn Dwiggins said...

Ok. i'm sorry you hated it. but let me tell you something here.... I loved it a lot!! LOOOVVEEED it! the end! i have nothing else to say except that i'm a major fan. I especially loved the tay-tay nudey shirt parts. mmmm baby

Megan said...

I came across your blog through Busy Bee Laurens blog and thought I'd comment!
The whole theatre I was in laughed when Jacob took his shirt off, even the only team Jacob person there- was hilar

angela hardison said...

here's my secret: i saw it too, and sort of liked it.

Summer said...

haha! I can't believe she actually convinced you to go! She tried it on me, but I heart sleep better than a midnight movie that I could see at any ole time without waiting in a huge line filled with screaming teenage girls who have zero control over their emotions, not to mention the amount of sleep I would lose by staying out until 3, then being dragged out of bed a mere 4 hours later by my kids, then forced to spend the day in a zombie coma whist occasionally becoming momzilla and inflicting harm on my kids for whatever offense they are committing against my sleep deprived self (how's that for run-on). NO movie is worth that!!