Look what I found

Our Nationals video the year we won (2008).
They cut out the best part.
And this was the first day, too..
we did waay better the second day.

Check out my sick solo :-P I used to be flexible..shabam.

Oh PS this was like..a week after my car accident. Swollen ankle, whiplash..splendid.

Know which one is me? I'll hint to you. Right-center in the back in the VERY beginning. Workin' the leg-grab. Gotta' love being tall and fleck-see-ble. After it cuts to the kickline I'm center-left. Move straight to the front center..then to the left. Nifty.


Nat said...

Wow Natalie that was amazing! I have always heard that MOuntain View Dance team was amazing, but I have never gotten to see them.

It makes me miss being on a dance team....

Lindsay, Dano and Navy said...

That routine was complete awesomeness!!! Your solo was great! I wish I would've stayed on pom cuz then we could've been good friends!!!

{megs in wonderland} said...

sweeeeeeeeet, you work it girl!

Brie said...

danielle did a leg grab too? i don't remember that.

it's funny, i've seen you dance so many times i like automatically follow you. ha.