I have a few confessions.

1) I got a twitter. I vowed I never would. But I did. Boredom and computers are very bad, resulting in super irrational {and unproductive} actions. Anywho. Follow me. Chirp chirp.

2) I have a secret candy drawer in my room. By my bed, to be exact. I just ate 3 kit kats. You know - Heavy Weights style. Yeah..I was the reason they killed the blob. Remorsefully, the truth comes out.

3) I might have forgotten to do a homework assignment that's due..well, technically yesterday. I don't think I did, but I keep feeling as though I missed some sort of deadline. I guess that isn't really a confession. But this leads me to mine: I broke my antisocial vow for this semester. I restricted myself from a social life {aside from an occasional hang-out or *gasp*date}. However, I hung out every night this weekend. And loved loved loved it. Welp. Vow restarts tomorrow. Actually..I'm putting it off until Tuesday. Because I can ;)

4) I had something not-so-nice written here, but decided I'd spare the drama I know certain people would create. Alas, I erased it.

5) This one is a big confession. Maybe I'll tell you one day..

Okay. Your turn. Confess away, my children.

[Andrew Bird]


cris (cristal) said...

not so bad of confessions.
i sed the same thing about twitter though.


Marci Dawn said...

okay here is my confession.
saturday morning while trying to organize my crazy college life i was under my bed trying to find printer charger cord things...anyways...i was under my bed and i found a package of raspberry mambas. i haven't bought mambas in a VERY long time, like over a year, so i knew they weren't mine. so they became the mystery mambas. of course being me, i spent the next 30 minutes (or so, i might have been under there a long time)laying under my bed singing to mgmt, mew, and metric(on m on the pod obviously), eating these oh so hard yet delicious mambas. So i feel the need to send a shout out to the girl who lived here before me, or maybe even the one before that because you made my Saturday morning.

Alexa Mae said...

can't stand not knowing you're #5. text coming your way...

do i know #4?

souljane said...

Candy drawer-guilty.

twitter-guilty-and loving it.

having a crush on a boy who's in a happy relationship-guiltiy.

Bee Sarah Lee Bailey said...


i just ate half of a yummy carrot cake cupcake!

i bought a pretty blue dress, tights and new shoes today! ( it makes me feel like alice in wonderland!)

i dont like my best friends boyfran!

M said...

I can totally relate to #1!

xoxoKrysten said...

Hehe, I always said I'd never get a Twitter but I kind of like it on my blog. I don't know, once you get the hang of it it's kind of fun.

Sarah said...

I have a twitter. I don't find it as amusing as everyone else does, though. Oh well.

I wore the same pair of socks two days in a row to the gym. And it happened on two different occasions.

ChristineMarie said...

1) Christine failed at Atkins today. Twice.
2) Christine now has approximately 4.5 liters of diet soda to waste
3) Christine hates the winter
4) Christine may or may not have no idea what to do with her life
4.5) Christine, however, does know that the NY trip is on and will be amazing.
5) Christine lurrvs you <3