The Dress Looks Nice on You

Today I got home
and there was a lovely little present awaiting my
anxious opening.

Big brown box.

In other words, big brown box of LSAT books.
That prepositional phrase is the best part.
"of LSAT books."

Goal to self: score a 172.
Then hello hello, Columbia slash Harvard here I come.


Thank you, Mr. Mailman.
Little do you know, you're instilling hope in the educational pursuit of the children.

Also, new lens should be coming soon.
Contact me if you're interested in getting some photos done, eh?

[Sufjan Stevens]


Anonymous said...

hi hun left an award at my blog for you (:


Marci Dawn said...

i wantttt my pictures done. come to utah. please and thanks. ps you're going to rock the lsat. nbd. byeeee

Britney Jean said...

i want pictures done! woooo!

ChristineMarie said...

Remember how I won that giveaway thing you did? For pictures? I want them done. In Paris. Guess you'll have to come visit me.


Brenn said...

Firstly, I think you and I need to tag team Christine's pictures in Paris. :) What lens did you get? That's really exciting! How much do you charge for pictures!? I really want to do a shoot with my puppy.

Casey said...

hey girl! how much do you charge for pictures?

Brittany said...

you can totally do it. law school, here you come.