Happy Valentine's Day.
I hope your heart is filled with love,
and your stomach filled with chocolate.

I just want everyone in my life to know
how much I appreciate them.

And to those not {officially} in my life,
hurry and get in huur'.

In all seriousness, thank you for making this virtue-realm
plausibly entertaining and oftentimes therapeutic.

You all rock.

How'd you spend your Valentine's Day? Any yummy treats? Super romantic surprises?

Tell me, tell me, tell me!

[Michael Buble]


sarah.elizabeth<3 said...

monsieur N took me out to a movie last night with his parents then i went with him to church today. then i'm going to dinner at his house later. i'm hoping for some flowers.. but i doubt they'll be there. :P
how about you miss natalie?
any love interest? :P

Marci Darling said...

Last night I saw the most beautiful boy on the face of the planet, and I've become determined to meet him

I'm spending Valentine's Day at the movies with my girlfriends. And I couldn't be happier.

You are gorgeous.

Love, Marci

~Ivy~ said...

Found your blog through Alexa.... love her. Your photos are super cute.

Today I am spending my time with my family, hubs and our 4 kids. We will eat a yummy grilled salmon dinner and then dance the night away (until bedtime) in the living room.

Alexa Mae said...

I love you, I hope YOU know that. you are amazing and so strong. I admire you and what you are. thank you for being my friend!

Connie said...

Valentines day was perfect... sooo perfect. Tony even said it was his best ever. I'll tell ya all about it via blog post (:

I have your broken up valentine from me to you on my dresser. I forgot to *make you take it home (;
I sorry..

I hope your Valentines was beautiful!

cris (cristal) said...

nothing special happnd. my bf forgot soo umm its ok. haha not the only one who wants to kick cupids "butt." happy valentines day to you sweety.


Emily Nicoll said...

we set up a tent in our living room and watched Enchanted :)

Brenn said...

Why are all of your pictures just so freaking cute!?!? I think its because you're awesome. I spent my Valentines day in the car, driving home from Provo. But it was a glorious 36 hours in Provo, so I was happy. Alas, no good chocolate, but fruit by the foot is a good substitute, right?