Snowboarding was great;
yet again.
Today was probably the best trip of the season, thus far.
The people I went with were just tearing it up.
Only; for real.

We rode the lift to the top of the resort, then hiked up into the upper bowl
and zchrooooooom..rode down THIS:
Yeah, that says avalanche area - nobigdeal.
Honestly, I wanted to wet my pants. The terrain was so steep.
But of course, being the only girl, I was subconsciously forced into maintaining
the ego of not being "the only girl".
Alas - that bowl was CONQUORED.

Did I mention the kids I was riding with were..legit?



Alexa Mae said...

awesome! i love those pictures. and i loved the video you sent me. you are so good girl! im so glad you had fun...xoxo

M said...

Woah! Go you! I went skiing once and cried the whole way down the mountain

Visible Voice said...

You make me want to tackle snowboarding again. But oooh it's been a long time and well I only did it a few times. But really I think I just want to look good in the gear. ;)