This week is all about vows.
I vow to:
1 Appreciate the sunset
2 Name a cloud animal
3 Do my homework without being on facebook {ugh}
4 Fall in love with literature {again. and again. and again}
5 Commence my serious relationship with the elleSAT {take that, spammer}
6 Bake a cake {then give it away..any takers?}
7 Do something nice for someone I don't associate with frequently
8 Tell those I care about how important they are to me
9 Take pictures; lots of pictures
10 Share the gospel with a stranger
11 Read my court cases before discussing them..then reread them post-discussion {ha. this is going to take some divine implementation}
12 Go to the temple twice. Once isn't enough.
13 Master the Dewey Decimal System..then organize my books accordingly {JK}


I, Natalie, hereby exclaim that I will make a conscious effort -with all power in my being - to stay faithful and true to these vows I lay via blogspot before you. Alas, I shall then treat myself to a Sprinkles cupcake in celebration of a well-lived week of glorious happiness. I will be accepting any tag-alongers who would like to commence in the sweet partaking.


{PS} I turn one and a half years old tomorrow :) I love the church.

[Tyrone Wells]


Brittany said...

oooh...i may need to make some vows for this week. i love these!

also, law school? where are you applying?

Anonymous said...

wow congrats (:
need to make some vows to and
defntly do something nice for someone. great post.


Natalie said...

Brittany: Yes, do it! I'm printing it out and posting it on my mirror so I look at it every morning. :)

Also, I am applying to Columbia, Harvard, Stanford, Boston College, Northwestern, Georgetown, UCLA and BYU. Hoping for one of the first 6 but we will see :) Are you considering law?!

Noelle said...

I love your list. Blending the fun with the need with the Church. I hope you can do it all, you seem like such a busy woman! More power to ya!

kelly anne said...

this is great! i think i need to make my own list for the week. :)

Mauri said...

These are good.

cake? I'll take cake. Yumm.

Good luck! Happy Week :)

PS Lovin the pictures!

Alexa Mae said...

I love this Nat. I know you'll be able to do it all. and i love cake...although i shouldn't eat it. just sayin' ;). i admire you for #10 and #12 so much that you don't even know. thank you for being my friend. you are amazing at it! xoxo

Connie said...

That is an awesome picture! I love your vows... I need to make a list like this every week.... happy 18months!! :D Love ya girl!

souljane said...

Gospel sharing wooohoo!

Amelia Kate said...

Aww I love this list!
PS...I'll take that cake :)

Rebecca Elizabeth said...

What a great list...good reminders for all of us! And happy 18 months!! I turn 1 and 3 months next week, yay hooray church! :)

Britney Jean said...

i like these vows. mmmmmmmm i wanna make my own.

and cake?


angela hardison said...

that's a pretty good list. i sort of failed at the last list of goals i made. ohhh well.

and yes! peter did just get home from his mission. same one. you should totally go out with him; he's pretty awesome.

Brenn said...

Kay, you're shoes (and your legs -- nice calves girl!!) are so delicious!! My best friend is getting married in those shoes, only hers are red, and now I'm really trying to decide if it would be bad to buy her wedding shoes -- it an't be that bad if they're a different color, right?!!?

nadia shea said...

um hello adorable blog! And adorable pictures. I love your shoot with Millie, she is so fun.