No Title Today.

Today my new, and dear, friend Darcy
allowed me to embark on the adventure of shooting
at the Cricket Rail Jam.

Pretty much, it was awesome.
Not to mention, I got to rock some shwoods,
again, compliments of Darcy.

I have been editing pictures from the previous 3 shoots
all night. Alas, it is time I catch some zZz's.

Picture overload; coming to a blog near you.

And for those who have emailed me,
I will be getting back to you tomorrow!
Today was insane.



Alexa Mae said...

can't wait to see more pics that your genius mind took. i love you natters...lots. xoxo

cris (cristal) said...

ready for the pictures (:


Verity Kae said...

Dear Nat-uh-lee.
Though we have never met, I adore thine face. I attended said rail jam and I thought mine eyes had beheld you. Alas they did! I should have come say hi and met you but I was just creeping on people earlier and they caught me so I didn't feel up in the mood to creep on you to find it isn't you! True Words! Anyways, you have ultimate rockage and I definitely approve.