Rest in Peace

Matthew Todd Henderson

"What is this thing that men call death?
This quiet passing in the night?
‘Tis not the end but genesis
Of better worlds and greater light

O God, touch Thou my aching heart
And calm my troubled, haunting fears
Let hope and faith, transcendent, pure
Give strength and peace beyond my tears.

There is no death, but only change
With recompense for vict’ry won
The gift of Him who loved all men
The Son of God, the Holy One."

August 29, 1986 - February 23, 2004
Matthew's short stay on this earth touched the lives
of all who knew him.

I love temples.
I love that families WILL be together, forever.
I love the gospel, the plan of salvation, and my Savior.

Words can't express the feelings in my heart.
The emptiness of old memories;
nor the excitement of life eternal.

So I chose a poem written by one of the people I have always loved and adored.

Until We Meet Again;
I love you Uncle.

{Poem "What Is This Thing Men Call Death", written by President Gordon B. Hinckley}


Kristina P. said...

Natalie, I am so, so sorry to hear about your uncle. My thoughts are with you and your family.

Britney Jean said...

beautiful post nat.

the temple brings so much peace. i love it.

cris (cristal) said...

sorry bout ur loss. he seemed like a great the post and the poem.