Fist Punch

War has begun.
This battle shall not cease until the end of time.

Alas, I am thinking I duke it out in a boxing ring; Battle Royale.
Opponent 1: Natalie
Opponent 2: Natalie's body.
My body has been retaliating ten-fold:
My lips are chapped. My lips are never chapped.
I got a headache Saturday. I have had a grand total of 4 headaches in my life.
My achy joints make 20 feel like 200.
My lower back fooled me into thinking I relocated the Eiffel Tower by hand.


But guess what this week entails?
Monday - Homework. I must have angered the gods, for they are surely seeking revenge.
Tuesday - Ditching LSAT class to attend Copeland's final tour show {w/Deas Vail}. When I say "ditching", I mean "making-it-up-the-following-Wednesday". So harcore.
Wednesday - Maybe a little {more} Easter Pagent action.
Thursday - LSAT death for 4 hours. But oh, such a glorious death it is.
Friday - Photoshoot 1, photoshoot 2. Woo!

Can I tell you how dang excited I am for general conference?! Like..FIRST-MAN-ON-THE-MOON EXCITED! If anyone doesn't know what the heck general conference is, or has questions, or simply wants to talk about the amazingness to come, feel free to email me. I love a good chit-chat via the webz.



Alexa Mae said...

i met someone dad, and brother and sister. even snapped an un-official picture of kenz and bronsons engagement pics. ;) will i see you tonight? i love you. you are genius and you will be representing me and all of my cases someday soon.

p.s. don't fist punch yourself. try a pillow.

Vanessa said...

I hope your body stops revolting against you my dear!

Kacie Downing said...

you are hilllllar. just found you. so glad for it.

Sarah Eileen said...

there is a another war waging, and im not talking about the attack of sarah's pudge. :) Im so thankful for your testimony I love you!

Dustin & Kylee Nickerson said...

Thanks Natalie for your comment. It seems like such an easy decision (choosing a path to take in college) but we are still not sure what we will end up doing. I love my major, but Dustin is still not sure where he will end up. I'm sure we will figure it all out... lots of prayer. :)

As for Choreography, I would love to have a fresh pair of eyes and a fresh brilliant mind to work on a new piece of choreography for my kids for this upcoming season. They are fairly young, many are new dancers, but I have an "older group" (if you can call them that ha ha) that I think needs to be pushed in a Contemporary type piece (age appropriate and interesting) for the first time. I would love to give you more details. I do have two boys I work really hard at keeping "masculine", so that is an additional challenge. Give me a call when you have a minute and I can tell you more about what I would like to do with them. I will FB message you my number!

In addition to this, I have a good friend that is the varsity coach (pom) at QC high school that is looking for someone to come in and do a number for them for state. She called me, but I feel like I don't have the time it takes to make sure they have a great routine. I have taught some of them, so I can tell you about that choreography opportunity too! It may be time for lunch! ;)