The Ocean

Starting this Saturday, my life officially ends.
Well, social life, at least.
Kaplan starts in preparation for my HUGE LIFE-DETERMINING LSAT EXAM on June 7.
Course duration: March 13 - May 27.
{aka LSAT courses T/Th 6-10pm and Sa 9-1PM}

I even have one on my birthday *cough*the 23rd
Which is actually not a big deal, because turning twenty isn't on my to-do list.
Well, inevitably it is. But I am going to miss these lovely years I dedicate as my teenage life.
Twenty sounds so..old. No offense to all you over 19-plus-one-ers.

A-ha! That's what I shall call it: nineteen-plus-one. Doesn't sound nearly as bad!
{And Elder Oaks shook my hand last night. Nobigdeal. Okay; totally big deal.}
It's raining really hard. I had to turn my music up just to hear what the heck The Bravery was singing to my sweet ears.
And the thunder..ughh..let's not talk about the thunder. Scuuurry.

[The Bravery]


Connie said...

wow this post makes me feel ancient. But that's all good because you love me anyway. As I love you... you are awesome- and will do great at the LSAT! Go get 'em tiger.

Love, the dinosaur.

Noelle @ Mesa AZ Photography said...

I am sorry that you have issues with thunder. Are you not from the valley? That 's the only reason I've ever heard for people disliking storms, because they came from some place that actually HAS weather that can cause damage.

I think you'll do great on the LSAT, because it's a big goal in your life. And you care. No worries. =)

Brittany said...

you will ROCK the LSAT.
because you're fabulous.

also, i'm still afraid of 20. i've been 20 for 9 months.

Alexa Mae said...

oh i love you. and these pics were some of my fave. love you and love that ms. balluff. you will do awesome my dearie. you always do!

p.s. how was anthro?

Brenn said...

I fell pretty good about telling you that you are gonna rock that LSAT. I totally am with you on the whole 19-plus-one thing, I still have about six months, but I'm freaking out about it. I hope your birthday is awesome anyway though!!

Dark Family said...

Um... I totally LOVE your dress!
and you're gorgeous
that's all

Lindsay Shreeve said...

I remember when I turned twenty. Navy was born 4 days prior and I was so excited to not be a "teenage mom" anymore. Tomorrow I'm turning 21 and I'm freakin. I feel like its so much closer to 30! I predict that you will have a great year though. Enjoy the big 2-0! Happy early birthday!

Marci Dawn said...

im with you.
i am boycotting my birthday this year.
even if that means i don't get presents.
20 seems so ...responsible and mature.
we can hold a cupcake boycott birthday party. okay??
love marci

Kellie said...

My birthday is the 31st and I'm turning 19 plus two :-(
Oh and you're gorgeous. Just saying!