After day 1, I've accumulated 34 points on my General Conference bracket.
Some eventful things:
1) My highlighter exploded. All over my bracket. Blast!
2) Elder Andersen {of the 70}, Elder Carlson, and Sister Beck were all my predictions..hello, 25 points.
3) I met Elder Andersen with Christine two conferences ago. We socialized for some time.
4) Today I learned what "Rotel" is. No, it is not powder; it is, however, in a can. Canned Rotel. Who would have thought?! {Thanks, Lecksa!}
Sleepy eyes.

Hope you are all enjoying your General Conference weekend.
If you don't know what General Conference is, I highly suggest you check it out here.
You can also stream it live tomorrow. There are two sessions,
one at 9AM and another at 1PM {Arizona-time}.

If you have any questions regarding anything you hear, or just General Conference in general,
feel free to email me :)



Anonymous said...

wats general conference? gud night to you to..


Kellie said...

I'm sad that I missed it today! But I got to watch yesterday. I'll have to find it and read the talks somehow. Or find them online :)

Alexa Mae said...

oooo i just love you!!! did ya make it??

conference was AMAZING! how else can we kick off this week, even this season!! it was perfect.

heart ya big time!