Hail to the Man

Some people bracket teams for basketball playoffs, predicting who will Battle Royale for the National title.
My friends bracket general authorities for General Conference..nobigdeal.
This lovely hunk-a-heaven was created tonight, by the my dear friend Jacob, in which we each entered who we thought will speak, and what they'll be be speaking on.

I laugh everytime I look at my filled-in sheet.
Did we really do that? Heckyes, we did.

We even have a point system {which was cut-off in the picture}.


Wish me luck.
How did you spend YOUR Friday night?


angieinpink said...

um. this is all kinds of awesome.

cris (cristal) said...

i went to church not much fun.. when ur dad has to preach and all of sudden people expect so much from u and think ur a saint.. chart looks great. have a great weeknd.


Kylie said...

hahaha oh my gosh i love this. so funny! successful so far?