Monday - Afternoon

Funniest conversation of all-time:

Erika: "I have the biggest sweet tooth you will ever know.."
Natalie: "Uhh..*points to my box of 4 Sprinkles cupcakes*"
Erika: "Dude. I am Jewish, and I can't wait for Easter. But, again since I'm Jewish, I can't wait until AFTER Easter, when it all goes on sale. $6 for Reeses eggs?! You think just because it's a holiday people are willing to pay more for peanut butter?!!!"
Later that afternoon:

Scene: Erika and Natalie are in the car, Natalie's driving. Returning from Sprinkles run, boxes of cupcakes for self-hoarding pleasures placed gently in back seat. Car equipped with new brakes. Bad-word driver cuts in front of Natalie, Erika, and car. Brakes slammed on, narrowly bypassing collision.

Erika and Natalie in unison: "NOOOOT THE CUPCAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Alas, in a life-or-death situation, our priorities are surely in the right place. Congratulations. You are my soul-mate.

PS. Just found out Palo Alto has a Sprinkles. Looks like Stanford will be getting my Law School application, after all.


Brittany said...

hahaha i love cupcakes too! but lately i'm on a salty kick...what's wrong with me???

Kellie said...

I'm pretty sure your priorities are spot on.. I would have done all I could to make sure the cupcakes were ok!

*Mars* said...

that totally would have been my first thought too-the cupcakes. Second: I could have died.

Visible Voice said...

So Canada really needs to get sprinkles just so I can go on a sprinkle run when I un-quit sweets soon. I need to know what the deal is with them.

Marci Darling said...

I want you to know that over the weekend I made "sprinkles" cupcakes. Dude. I get it now.

Nicole Hatfield said...

haha thats awesome!

Alexa Mae said...

hahahahahahahah this is the best!!!

Vanessa said...

This is awesome. Your priorities and mine would match up perfectly. The fact that you live near a Sprinkles makes me EXTREMELY jealous. Just sayin'.

Connie said...

Oh my gosh I died! This is the best (;