I buy my cereal according to how fun the games are on the back.
I don't eat cereal, so it sits in my pantry for years.
I am addicted to Coke..the soda, not the drug.
I can't wear two rings at once, unless they're on the same finger.
Calculus - and all other forms of math - soothes my nerves.
Zac Efron is on my ugly list.
Throw every other "Hollywood heart-throb" on that list.
I eat three cookies every time I go to Paradise Bakery.
I eat a grand total of about 5 desserts a day.
I sleep approximately 4 hours each night.
If I get my homework done an hour before it's due I'm doing pretty-dang-awesome.

Oh..and did I mention I want to go to Columbia Law?

..Moral of the story? I'm just a hott mess.



angieinpink said...

haha. you're hilarious. mess keeps things interesting. think how boring life would be if you ate nothing but vegetables, slept 8 hours a night, and had things done early! crazy talk! seriously!

ps: thanks for not thinking zac efron's hot. i don't either. granted, i could be his mom....but still.

Connie said...

And that's why I love you so much! Hahaha!

I'm with ya on the hollywood guys being ug-lay. Never been one to swoon over peeps I'll never meet.

Jill said...

Cute post! I am addicted to Coca-Cola too.

Alexa Mae said...

Hahahaha you are thee best!! Love ya. And that is interesting about the 2 rings at once. AND I am like 92% jealous you can eat that many desserts and still have a rockin bod. You.Are.My.Hero.

mwah mwah mwah!

Vanessa said...

4 hours of sleep? Girl I don't know how you do it but I'm totally jealous.

Homework done an hour before is a miracle. I totally know that feeling!

So many desserts?! I'm with Alexa, TOTALLY jealous.

Verity Kae said...

Lemon cookies from Paradise = the best happiness aside from hotttties I've ever known! Amen.