Recently, I have been indebted to a live of servitude - with the slave owner being ASU.
He shares part-time custody with my LSAT program, Kaplan.
Together they (with use of violent force, mind you) manipulate me into giving away epic proportions of my life to hours of textbooks, exams, and lectures on how mechanical pencils are forbidden on test day.
Uhm, hi..mechanical pencils are my weapon-of-choice in brutal combat, such as that of the LSAT. Suck.
Anywho. Natalie's little brain needed a big break.
So we drove to Thatcher and flew a kite.
By flew I imply ran wildly down the street with the thing trailing mildly behind, floating an inch off the asphalt every couple of feet, as to sympathetically make me feel as though my efforts weren't in vain.

It was pathetically the most fun I have had in a long time.

Then I went to the Gila Valley temple.
The Celestial room enjoyed my reverent company for a wonderful few minutes.

And suddenly, Natalie's little brain feels like it can take on these final two weeks of the semester.


Brittany said...

what a perfect weekend.

Britney Jean said...

i wanna fly a kite.

Cambriaaaa said...

Impromptu fun is the best. Good luck, girl.

*Mars* said...

oooh how fun!

kelly anne said...

they won't let you use a mechanical pencil? what the heck?

looks like you had fun tho! isn't the temple the best? :)

Autumn Fauver said...

Ohh I'm sorry I missed the temple I was hoping to be in AZ when they had the opening but darn it I was not. It looks so much like my temple here in Tri-cities WA! Columbia River temple.

Niki {A*Lovely*Lifestyle} said...

i LOVE the first pic!

good luck. i don't know how you do it...really, i don't.

Vanessa said...

You make me miss flying a kite. Sometimes all you need is laughter to get you through without going crazy. Good luck on your last 2 weeks!