This summer I am 98% sure I will be venturing to Ecuador for a few weeks to volunteer at an orphanage in Quito, the nation's capital.
I have never been more excited/felt more right about anything in my life.
My friend was there for two and a half months, and her experiences humbled me.
As one person, there's only so much we can do.
But perhaps it's just the right amount to change the life of one person - even in the subtlest way.

I get my passport Saturday,
and start partitioning people to sponsor me as soon as my application goes through.
So if you feel the need, contact me :]

I'm going through a company called OSSO.
If you wanted information on either the program or the sponsorship please contact me and I will be delighted to give you either.
{How has someone made a difference in your life?}


Ashley Chase said...

Oh My Gahh This is Great Nat!! Ive always wanted to do something like this!!!

cris (cristal) said...

thts so cool..


BryceandBecca said...

that's rad. that's also where my Dad one of my good high school friends went their missions.

Brie said...

my mom would be pleased with your news. after all, ecuador was her home for a year.

tell her. she'll flip.