New photo-post here.
Don't hate me, but you'll be getting these quite regularly now. So much editing/uploading to do.
I had the craziest dream today(*a). Suddenly, I was back in high-school, and we had Nationals THIS weekend. Mind you, I haven't been in high school for 2 years.
Anywho. Couldn't find my uniform. Couldn't remember the dance.
AND the worst part: It overlapped with my last planned snowboarding trip of the season(*b)..
Needless to say, being woken up was much-appreciated.

Then I had to drag my self into the shower.
I kid you not. If never washing your hair was socially acceptable I'd jump on that bandwagon SO fast it'd put peer pressure to shame.

a. Referring to the fact that I went to bed at 6:30 PM, awaking at 10:43 PM due to a very important phone call :)

b. Snowbowl = this Friday. With my new pants..yay!


Sarah Eileen said...

10:43 was a VERY IMPORTANT phone call, and it was the best news ever!!!!!! :D

jaimie said...

im with you on the hair washing thing!

Vanessa said...

Yuck, what a bad dream! Hope Friday comes fast for you!