Remember how I informed you of the dumb rule which says that mechanical pencils are prohibited on the LSAT?
Well, I like to pretend that rule doesn't apply to me. Therefore, I ignore our instructor's demand that we start practicing with the type of pencil we will be using on test day.
Well, tonight she handed me three non-mechanical pencils.
Not just any pencils.
They're equivalent to Harry's top-notch "holly-with-a-Phoenix-feather-core" wand.
The erasers are flawless. FLAWLESS. No pink smudges, nor traces of your uneducated scantron bubble.
I may or may not have attempted a little "Wingardium Leviosa" action. Sadly, my paper didn't levitate :(
To continue on in raving about how freaking wonderful Jody (our instructor) is, let me
present you with a scenario that unfolded approximately 9PM tonight in class.
Jody: "The answer to 10 is B as in "boy". The answer to 11 is A as in...*long silence*"
Pupil 1: "!"
Jody: *chuckles* "Yes, thank you. I was about to say 'anus' and couldn't think of anything else."
Aren't you jealous this is how I spend 12 hours of my week?


Brittany said...

bahaha. i love this whole thing. please bless magic wand pencils are invented soon!

cris (cristal) said...

those r so cool.


Alexa Dyan said...

I really AM jealous.

*Mars* said...

haha! Sweet pencils! Even if they don't work magic like making your paper levitate.

Connie said...

bahahaha! You are hilarious! and so is your teacher. OH! Btw, my name is connie nice to meet you it's been forever I think I'm officially dead to blogland, I seem to have missed a lot! Hope all is going well with school
I, myself, am dy-ing over here.

♥ you!