Warning: This post is not meant to ridicule, mock, poke-fun, or send you into raging fits of laughter..

{okay, maybe a little}

Last night, after a 5-hour succession of LSAT studying, we needed a little break.
We made some oreos, turned on the TV, and watched the Investigation Discovery channel.
After both concurring that criminal law could never be our occupations, we switched modes
and turned on Law and Order: SVU.
As if THAT season finale wasn't tragic enough, I decided Grey's Anatomy was calling my name.
A) It was the season finale.
B) Every mother lovin' fbook post was pertaining to it, followed by words like "OMG!!" and "GASP!!". So I took a 75 minute boycott to watch it for spoilers!

Erika had never before seen the show, so she grabbed her LSAT books and joined me on the couch.

My direct words to her: "Don't even try to study..this is going to be SO good. Even if you haven't seen the show..someone's gonna dieeee!!"

Alas, as always, I was correct. 62 minutes into the show, I have to deal with this:

Erika. Sobbing.

This MAY break your heart..except for the fact the Niagara Falls had taken origin in her eyes.
I started crying..from laughing so hard.

My abs are still sore. Her fit of tears coupled with my fit of laughter played out for a good 10 minutes.

She, a newbie to the wonderful world of Grey's Anatomy, was crying. While I, an avid regular, was laughing. This is a sick, sick world we live in, people.

I love my Errka-boo {mwah}


Visible Voice said...

I always laugh when people cry at shows or movies. I can't help it. If I'm alone...I'd probably cry...but with others I just burst out laughing. My fave is how you stopped to capture it.

Alexa Mae said...

i can't blame her. that was me too! i love how she didn't see it coming, then, BAM!...she meets McDreamy. Such is