Potluck din-din date.
Natalie brought salad (with help from the Momma-face).
Sarah made amazingness in a crock-pot.
Kevin made cheesecake, after direction *cough*command from Kristi.
Oh..I made strawberry lemonade, too. Measured 2 quarts of water and dumped in the powder..move over, Martha Stewart ;)

Sarah was a presentation-perfectionist.
Because salad dressing is NOT allowed in the bottle..
Come on, should know this *rolls eyes*

(I love you, best friend)



Paint war.
Kevin and I won. Hence why we're in the middle*.
You just can't tell, because Kristi and Sarah conspired to give us the yellow paint..
which doesn't show up so well. Kristi and her date got both the blue paint AND the unfair
advantage of the missle-like water gun. Kevin and I had a dragon and an alligator.
I mean..hello. Cheaters ;)

Fun night.
I now know how those Avatars feel..
my shower was blue for the first 20 minutes of scrubbing paint off my body.

*Footnote: I am not 160 lbs. I am, however, awkwardly posed and wearing a little boys'
shirt from Walmart. 'Aint no thang.

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cris (cristal) said...

u look great hun. and the guys pretty cute.