Dear Blog World,
The LSAT is in 6 days.
And guess what?
...I am not taking it.
Well I am.
But I still need to rack up a few more points before
all the good schools will want me.
So..uh..four more months of this bologna.
October, please come quickly.
Oh, and summer school started.
Haven't even gotten my books yet,
and I have assignments due.
*pulls out hair*

PS Happy June :)


Britney Jean said...

i already hate summer school. and it only started today. and i haven't even gone to class yet. wtf? grrr...

cris (cristal) said...

hope u do well in ur test.


Connie said...

Happy June! I think I'm more excited for you to TAKE the Lsat than you are to be DONE with it! ha! No really, I think you are awesome for it!