Newborn shoot is posted here.

Anyone know of job opportunities in good ol' Arizona?
If so, please share. I'm starting to feel rather worthless.
No photo shoots. No non-online school. No LSAT studying (my laziness..that will soon 15 minutes from now).

One more year of work then LAW SCHOOL TIME!

You got this, Nat.
(That's my idea of self-reassurance. Sounds really motivating, huh? *gulp*)

Uhh..also..if you have a boat, let's hit the lake. Have yet to go all summer..last year I was averaging at least 3 times a week. Haha.


ChristineMarie said...

Or. . . . just come visit me.

We can throw in some LSAT studying :)

Cambriaaaa said...

Hey girl. I work for a financial services company that is hiring. If you're interested, email me at :)