My sister and I bought a box of cupcakes, some playing cards, and a large bottle of Pepsi.
That is how we spent our Saturday evening; poolside, taking in the beautiful
Arizona night, playing 9 games of Slap Jack (I won everytime***).
Mind you, these were very intense games involving slapping of the Jack, resulting in both bloodshed and broken fingernails.

The cupcakes weren't that good.
The frosting, however, was amazing.
I think my fingers are permanently stained blue from the meticulous task of scraping off every last speck, before hoarding it into my mouth.

It was a beautiful disaster.

***Natalie: When in the profane-curse-word will you LEARN that every time is TWO WORDS. Two. Not one. Dos. Deux. Double. Couple. Fail.

Self-Punishment - Write it properly 10 times below:
1) Every time
2) Every time
3) Every time
4) Every time
5) Every time
6) Every time
7) Every time
8) Every time
9) Every time
-5 minutes break to try scrubbing blue stains off of finger..-
10) Everytime..



Alexa Mae said...

gorgeous picture nat! i've come to expect nothing less from you, though. your sis is beautiful. and it sounds like the perfect way to spend saturday night!

Brooke said...

Natalie, I simply adore your blog :) I don't feel too much like I'm creepin since we are in the same ward, but still... Anyways I just wanted you to know that I think you are too cute and keep bloggin, cause ima keep readin!