You know what I wish came back into style?

1) Metal lunch boxes. Power Rangers were my weapon o' choice. Alongside my snack pack pudding and pizza lunchable. Kind of a big deal..
2) Yo-yo's. I need to take up a lazy-man's sport. And it's too hot outside for golf ;)
3) Tamagotchis. I've been lacking in the responsibility department. Today I was told I need a dog. Or a plant. And since I'm PETA's worst nightmare, a canine is out of the question. As for plants, I killed my chia pet before it ever started growing. Very possible, apparently.
4) Leg warmers. Thanks to ballet, I have a large collection. I think they're awesome.
5) Colored band-aids. I remember feigning injuries on the playground just to sport those rainbow beauties. People only thought I was accident prone, when in reality, I was pure first-grade genius.
6) Juice boxes. This Capri Sun thing is a joke. You're asking to be injured. Please-stab-pointy-straw-into-pressurized-juice-bag. I was always the dumb kid who stabbed through both sides..equivalent to a liquid failure. That, or took a fruit punch fountain to the eye.
7) Cooties shots. I miss the ultimate promise of immunity.
Things that should stay out of style:

1) Myspace. Also known as Mexico-space of the interwebs.
2) NOW CD's. What are they on, number 95? We have iPods (and iPads..) these days. And Limewire. I
3) Heelys. Pure brilliance? Yes. The ugliest way to break your coccyx? Yes, as well.
4) Backstreet Boys. Enough said.
5) Dial-up internet. "EEEEE-errrr-E-er-E-err..pssssssssshhhhhhhh..cxxxxxx.." know how it goes. I remember tip-toeing into the office and trying to suffocate the modem with a pillow so I wouldn't get caught sneaking onto AIM. Don't tell me you didn't do it, too.
6) Roley back-packs. The handle was always an awkward length, made for the vertically-challenged. I always rolled over my own heels as I was strutting down the hallways. Yes, I had one. Yes, it was neon yellow. No, I will never admit that again.
7) Furbys. The most demonic creature ever created by a toy company. Wee-tah-kah-loo-loo. Take its batteries out and it still talks. Heck-to-the-no-you-di'int!


sarah.elizabeth<3 said...

bahaha. i literally laughed out loud. :]

AUTUMN said...
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The Dark Family said...

hahahaha seriously! You are brilliant I agree on all of those! and totally laughed out loud as well!

RatalieNose said...

I agree with all that....except the Backstreet Boys. I love them!

Britney Jean said...

ahahahahah this post slayed me. i love it.

and now i want to put on a colored band-aid while sipping on a juice box.

Ashley Fastle said...

That was genius! haha I had a red rolling backpack. It will be our little secret...

N. Puga said...

ha-ha i love this.
couldn't agree more.

Just Sweet Love said...

you're hilarious.

seriously loving your blog :)

Alexis said...

you freaking did not. I love backstreet boys.