I feel like lately I've become a professional sulker.
No, really - I could bottle up tears and sell them on eBay.
I will admit, most of those tears have been the result of vicariously living through characters in sappy romance movies, but intertwined, few and far between, there have been some of my own.
The world loves to make you feel like you're worth nothing.
The world loves to tell you that you can't do it, that you're not good enough.
Well guess what?
I don't like that world. I'm revolting, bayonet-in-hand.
Because there is a world, which oftentimes seems to be hidden, that accepts all forms of imperfection.
And that world starts with you.


mattbrookelyndi said...

wow you are realy good at photopraphy

Britney Jean said...

i love this picture.

and i can't wait until you take ones for me.

and stupid world,

miss natalie wall is amazing.

so stop trying to make her feel otherwise.

oh and world...

you're gonna get it now.

kelly anne said...

that picture is beautiful! i'm sorry you've been having a rough couple days.... stick it to the man! or the world! or whatever... :)