My friends are pretty cool.
The only time we fight is on trampolines.
We were involved in a rather intense game of dodge ball.
And let me tell you:
I have always hated dodge ball.
I will continue to always hate dodge ball.
I think my hate is propagated by preeminently knowing you will be, at some given point in time, smacked in the corpse with a flying round object.
Or perhaps it's because I am no Cy Young (Famous baseball pitcher. Confession: I just googled that) and every time I throw a ball someone on the opposing team catches it.
Either way.
I just hate the game.

So I bailed on that "fun", and just jumped around.

Uh, Natalie, how old are you?
Why I am twenty, of course.

Check out how great my life is for the next couple of weeks:
[THIS WEEK] Fossil Springs/Hiking/Rafting/Cliff-jumping/LSAT-ing/Photographing.
[NEXT WEEK] California/Beaching/Sunburning/Family Picturing
[FOLLOWING WEEK] Oregon/Snowboarding/Photographing/Being Subjected to the Plans of Other People/Humidifying <--blasted 87% humidity

I love life, and life loves me.
However, I've been craving Reese's Puffs for the last 24 hours. Blast.


Eeny said...

what a fun life you have =)
Enjoy every second of it.

Taylor said...

Baseball rocks!

Quick factoid:
Denton True "Cy" Young was arguably one of the greatest pitchers of all time and still holds records that have yet to be broken more than 100 years later. His legacy was so enduring that in 1956 the "Cy Young Award" was introduced. Basically a yearly MVP to the National and American League's best pitcher.

Another quick fact: The Diamondback's very own Randy "The Big Unit" Johnson won the Cy Young Award five times ('95, '99, '00, '01, '02). That is the second most in MLB history, right behind Rodger Clemens.