Today at a stop light:
Sarah: *points to right* "That kid went to school with me."
Natalie: *Looking at truck when Sarah was, in reality, pointing to the kid on the motorcycle in FRONT of the truck* "Hey I know that kid!" *waves*
Kid: *weird look, waves back*
Natalie: *rolls down window* "HEY!!"
Kid: *opens phone* "Give me your number"
Natalie: "..uhh noo.."
Kid: "Then why'd you say hi?"
-Light turns green-
Sarah: *weird look* "Natalie, what the.."
Natalie: "That was [first name] [last name]!!"
Sarah: "Uhhh noooo it wasn't.."
Natalie: "Omg..it wasn't, was it?!"


Accidentally be the biggest creeper on the face of this planet (Country Club/HWY 60): Check.


Britney Jean said...

how embarrassing.

you. are. a. nerd.

wish i could have witnessed that.

Ashley Fastle said...

this happens to me everyday...

erin said...

ooo country club & the 60...definately the place to pick up some hotties! haha!

Kacie said...

in high school this really cute boy was waving at me and i could hardly believe it... i smiled and waved back kind of big. he stopped, looked at me, made a funny face and then waved... it dawned on me that he was waving to his pretty girlfriend behind me. who was laughing at me. awesome.

Haley said...

ok I just found your blog 4.5 seconds ago.

my final verdict- you're awesome! and adorable to boot.

just thought you should know.