Back from the beautiful overcast to the life-sucking dry heat.
Hopefully back to California next week.
Then off to Oregon.

{Things that make me smile}
[X] Listening to old music.
[X] Top Ramen. With eggs. Bwaha.
[X] Sidewalk chalk murals (see below).
[X] When ice melts in your drink.
[X] When your sunburn morphs into a pretty tan (I look like Sebastian).
[X] My German Pen Pal (Eeny, I'm going to send your letter this week! I loved yours!)
[X] Handwritten letters.
[X] "Your sister, hellooo!" - My 16 year-old little Just kidding; I love her.
[X] Random texts from certain individuals; the ones that make your heartstrings smile :)


Connie said...

love you nat! Glad you had a fun triiiip

Eeny said...

♥ yeahhh, can't wait =)

Mauri said...

oooh! I'm longing to go to Cali!