Saturday: Bon Voyage.

Who would have guessed that you could be in 82 degrees of sun and within a 20 minute drive be grooming the slopes with a waxed piece of wood?
Not I.
Okay, maybe I.

Meet Darcy.
Darcy is one of those people that you love and hate and love to hate because they're extremely good at everything they do.
You know.
One of those people.

He takes pictures (check-itt).
He snowboards better than the entire earth.
He draws. Sketches. Colors. Probably even weaves baskets..
He gets more facebook notifications than I do.
He gets free gear. And gives me some.
He even makes dinner.


Welcome back to Arizona, Natalia.


Britney Jean said...

woooo glad you had fun!

Brittany said...

beautiful photos, as always.

and let's hear more about darcy...