Oh you know, just one of my random parties that allots me the opportunity to stuff my fat face :)
Alongside this "RIP SOCIAL LIFE" party, celebrating the commencement of {my} senior year,
we have multiple parties in the mix:

1) Pre-Christmas Celebration. That is this Wednesday, August 25th. Four months until the REAL best holiday of them all. How are we celebrating? Putting on our Santa hats, tying on our jingle bells, and wrapping ourselves in Christmas lights, of course. Whilst simultaneously decorating sugar cookies, eating candy canes, and listening to Christmas music. Never too early..

2) Natalie's Pity Party. The saying goes that a pity party only has one attendee: yourself. But I've always been one to go against the norm. Which is why I have invited some of my favorite people to the best pity party of the year, taking place this Friday the 27th at noon o'clock. It's actually more of a pity luncheon. I just really wanted Jennie's cupcakes. And a reason to eat mashed potatoes. And cry about my school work and all the needles I will have been stabbed with :) LOL. {Disclaimer: Life is beautiful, and I really don't want to elicit anyone's pity. Just their baked goods..mwaha!}

3) Sarah/Kristi/Natalie's half-birthday Celebration. True, you were only born once. But why not celebrate that fateful day every month on the day? The big 21.5/23.5/20.5, respectively. Kind of..really..important. You know?

4) Then we have the infamous "Fall Equinox" on September 22. Because how can such a meaningful {?} event go uncelebrated..? I love our moon! {I may or may not have started humming Feist's "My Moon My Man" out loud}.

5) And last, but not least, LSAT Day. October 9th. You better believe the party starts as soon as I get out of that test. Drinks {Shirley Temples and Jones' Soda..} will start at noon, and I will be hittin' them hard all night ;)


brooke said...

hahahaha the best cake ever? i think yes. i shall make one of my own this next week when i start my new job, and college.

Mauri said...

The best thing about parties is that you can have one for ANYTHING! Enjoy all the parties and treats of goodness!