The vampires forgot to tell me I couldn't eat past midnight;
alas I was snacking on fruit until 4am, anxiously anticipating my blood-sucking.
Thus, I get the privilege of returning in 6 hours to get my blood drawn for real.
I was mentally prepared and everything.
However, now I'm so annoyed of rearranging my schedule to cram in blood tests, MRI's, and neurologist appointments that I'm not even scared of the needles.
I feel sick to my stomach, again. Perhaps it's because I'm hungry and cannot eat. Bleh.
Just stab me and get it over with.
I love rainy Arizona nights.
Tonight I drove home the long way, taking desolate back roads to extend the time I had in the car with my arm hanging out the window in the 75-degree weather.
I was serenaded by Metric and Shiny Toy Guns; it really doesn't get better than that.
On a side note,
my REAL photography site should be up-and-running this week.
Yes, that's right: I'm upgrading from the photoblog to a REAL domain. Yay!!
I have been editing my flash template all day and we should go live by Friday.
Woop woop de doop.
Also, I have decided I want to play around and take on weddings.
Contact me with inquiries :)


Eeny said...

I kind of know how you feel... I had a whole lot of doctor appointments about a year and a half ago. I was sooooo scared.

nadia shea said...

you blog so fast I can't keep up. First off, law school or a mission? Girl you are incredible! I am so excited to see where life takes you. Secondly, why are your legs so toned and perfect? It kind of makes me angry. I'm aware that is probably a creepy thing to say. But I think compliments are always nice right? Thirdly, I cannot get my blood drawn. The thought of it makes me light headed.