I want a baby. But I don't want a husband (just yet).

That could be..dangerous.

I'll just swim on over to Cambodia and adopt a precious little orphan-child.
Then I'll marry Brad Pitt and adopt some more.
My children will sport mo-hawks and I'll have the sexiest lips in America.
Ohhh wait..

Null Hypothesis: Get married.
Alternative Hypothesis: Ride solo.

Conclusion: Data gathered presents enough desire to reject the null. Sianara suckkkkaa.

If anyone has babies, let me come play with them. :) My youngest is 4, now. By "my", I mean sibling. But 4 is not a baby anymore *sobs*.
My feet are dirty. I should wash them, then bury myself in my pillow fort bed.
I have a pLSAT to take in 9.43 hours.


Britney Jean said...

you can come play with baby Ryan whenever. but we'd already established that.

and now he's hungry. so off i go to feed him :)

Anonymous said...

Whatever you do don't have more than two children otherwise you'd be selfish by adding to the current population issues.

And the longer you wait for marriage the better, you'll thank yourself when you're older and in a relationship that is actually functional. And that lasts longer than a year before he proposes. How could you get married to someone before seeing how they behave throughout all four seasons? People's behavior changes with the seasonal changes, so unless you've been with him for one year, you don't know him at all.

Lindsay Shreeve said...

"Whatever you do don't have more than two children otherwise you'd be selfish by adding to the current population issues. "

I don't mean to cause a ruckus but this is the most bogus thing I've ever heard. I can't disagree more to this statement! If you are in the right situation, have a loving relationship with your husband, and have the means to support numerous children then I believe it is selfish not to. Our children are already planned out for us so if you cut yourself off after a certain number and there is a sweet spirit up there just waiting to come down here then how could you deny them that? Would you rather that spirit be born to a meth-using prostitute? I sure wouldn't but that's just me:)

Natalie said...

I agree with Lindsay - this is not China. If you have the means - physical, emotional and financial, have babies. :)

Anonymous said...

Wait... What I said had nothing to do with meth, prostitutes, or meth-using prostitutes.

Not just China, not just the U.S., but our WORLD as a whole, is overpopulated. Because of this, we are low on resources everywhere.

We can't continue to have this mentality of "Because I can, I'm going to have lots of kids who will also have lots of kids." This idea of massive, glorious families isn't logical - just an idea supported by our religion.

Marci Dawn said...'re freaking crazy.
bring onnnn the babiesss.

Natalie said...

i took a global studies class and we talked about that. while many a people are popping babies out of places we won't discuss, death rates have increased directly, thus those dying and those being born aren't proportionately incomprehensible.

Visible Voice said...

I'm having one. You can come to the crazy cold for the winter and borrow it all day...or rather all night. (so I can sleep hee hee!)

nicole hatfield said...

i swear me and colleen talk about this everyday

Erin said...
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Anonymous said...

"statistics really mean nothing."

That is like saying "I choose to ignore facts."


JMay said...

This post totally made me laugh!

Natalie said...

Lol sir (ma'am?) anonymous, there lay an abundance of statistics both supporting and disproving your "theory". Thus, I'd say it's safe to end this little conference. You've gotten your point out. And if someone chooses to follow you up and fail to multiply and replenish the earth then congratulations, you changed the world. If not, well, you probably can't change their mind anyway :)

CiaraLE said...

I click on this to comment on the oversized satchel and say that I would like one...

I ended up reading quite an amazing feed of comments.

Ciara's Vote: have babies responsibly

Have sex even more responsibly.

Girls, close your legs, respectably.

ps. check out whenever.