This picture was taken a month ago.
I think Oregon could very well top the list of favorite places.

I just spent a good 80 minutes drooling over the new set-up I want will get.
And goggles.
My dog ate my favorite pair.
It's like the 3rd grade homework excuse; only this boy 'aint crying wolf.
My dog sucks.

Oh, Mom..let's get my season pass this week.
{It's a lot cheaper before October 17th}
Sorry. Mention snow and you've set me on a one-way tangent.

So the other day, I saw a movie trailer which I thought was the new Harry Potter commercial.
Turns out I screamed for nothing; it's a movie about stupid owls.

Today someone called me Napplebee. Kind of..funny.
And someone said something that made me think to myself, "THAT would be the perfect title for my blog.." I can't, for the life of me, remember what it was.. meh. Ideas?


New To The Neighborhood said...

I love Oregon as well, but I've never visited during winter. It's probably "sweeter" when it snows

kelly anne said...

Every time I see that preview I think Hedwig....

Brenn said...

That owl commercial gets me every time!! I get all excited... an then it's nothing. Boooooo.