"Remembered in fleeting seconds that fade away too quickly like the faint recollection of a perfect dream, it disappears faster the harder you try to keep it and bring it back. You lay there and try to remember the dream but its gone and only the feelings it’s left stirring deep inside you remain to make you long for something you can only barely recall as anything real." -B.T.C

I rarely read blogs. So it was not coincidental that I stumbled upon this.
Seldom do I quote other people to express my own thoughts.

But I've been searching for the words to sum how I've been feeling lately. I think this is the closest I have yet to come.

The English language is both a burden and a blessing;
we can't always express, in complete clarity, exactly what we mean.

Good. And bad.

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Eeny said...

This quote is amazing.
Thanks for sharing it, Natalie.
Hope your feeling better soon.