The LSAT is..
+In three weeks from today.
+Getting on my last nerve.
+Composed of faulty logical reasoning the one about rattlesnakes molting..dubz-tee-eff?
+Never going to come out of my mouth again after October 9th.
+Conquerable..? So they say.
+Bias toward answers of "B". Hence, I choose "D".
+Too long.
+An acronym that I can't ever think of anything witty to interchange it with. Suggestions +appreciated.
+Easily confused with "SPLAT" when abbreviated as a practice exam (pLSAT).
If He had an add in the "personals" section of the newspaper, I'd imagine it'd say something along the lines of:

"Height: 8.5 x 11, Weight: 12 pages. Likes: analogous flaws, confusing that which is sufficient with that which is necessary, making unstated assumptions, cardiovascular diseases, ineffective appeals to authority, rhetorically analyzing Hispanic authors, and equivocating words in spare time. Dislikes: The multiple-choice letter "B", not negating terms (*wink*), being straightforward with what I am trying to say, being merciful."

What have I gotten myself into?
Why, only the most dysfunctional and degrading love/hate relationship, of course.


kelly anne said...


Longest Stinking Annoying Test ever?

Best I could come up with. Good luck with studying and such!

Ashley Fastle said...

this post just brought all of those test taking anxieties ALL back to me.

Taking the LSATs are gladly not on my "to do" list.

Good Luck!

ShaunaMahana said...

These are the first few LSAT meanings I could come up with:

Life Sucking Anxiety Trigger

Laboratory (for) Strategically Annihilating Talent

Labyrinthine Sinister Arcane Turbid

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

okay. this is hilarious... my husband is also taking the LSAT oct 9... &i TOTALLY remember him getting all upset about the rattle snake molting question! he went on and on about it... hahahaha