1) Making two dozen cookies when you're the only one in the house that eats sugar is a BAD idea. However, making those cookies small is a GOOD idea - that way you can eat lots and not feel so bad. That is, until you realized you just ate nine..*guilty.

2) I really like lists. When I get bored? I make lists. When I feel overwhelmed? I make lists. When I have no idea what to blog about? I make lists.

3) While the internet is a great place to pick up a pedophile, I've managed to meet some ridiculously incredible people.

4) "Dinesor" means dinosaur, "tomarow" apparently has an a and one r, "their" is a place, and "your" equivocates to mean you are. Good to know..

5) I managed to eat 3 cookies between typing numbers 1 and 4. Sugar-Addicts anonymous, toll-free number, anyone?

6) I embarrass myself on a daily basis. If only life had a "ctrl + z" feature..

7) Don't try to use the 10-second auto-timer option on your camera whilst trying to run across the room and jib on your couch with a snowboard. The consequences are painful. And your friend will laugh at you, while simultaneously refusing to take the picture for you. So much for a "cool idea". Sorry Hans, you're being put away until snow is back.

8) "Multiply and replenish the earth" was totally alluding to mathematics. Juuust kidding. :)


Natalie said...

Add to 4) Ditto for 2maro.

Claire Tripeny said...

Bahahaha. This makes ne smile.

Ps I love love love lists as well

heyhotmess said...

I looooove writing lists! I also love reading yours.

WOO. hope all is well!