If I rambled out a list of words, one after another, completed unrelated and separated by commas, I bet I could find at least 134 people who wanted to argue over them.

"That word is grammatically incorrect"
"But BLUE is way better than YELLOW!"
"Babies are going to overrun the earth and eat our food like dinosaurs"

My blog.
My opinions.

Kinda cool how that works, yeah? ;)

If I want babies to overrun my house and eat my Nutrigrain Bars then so be it - I will allow it.
If you want to hide in your closet and heifer your Cheerios, then do it. I will not judge.
And that's where that argument ends.


Alexa Mae said...

amen sista!
you're the best. i hope you have babies and take videos of them eating nutrigrain bars so i can watch cause guess what my kids would gag when they ate them! haha

Lauren and Josh said...

Ahh. That's exactly the best part of having a blog! I totally agree. It's kinda like "my house, my rules!"

Connie said...

soooo true ♥