{Mr. Darcy took this picture for me while he was in Alaska. C'est merveilleux, non?}

This is why Darcy is my favorite.
He tells me I'm smart..
then makes me feel like it.
All in the same bookface chat.

And even let's me publicize it for your viewing entertainment.
However, what he lacks in homophones he makes up for in artistic talent.
It's not even fair, is it?

And another.

Look at his "my-Natalie-friend-is-Mormon" pride. Haha. LA(tter)-DA(y) SA(int)? Close enough. I'm rubbin' off on the kid.


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Eeny said...

*ha ha ha*

ChristineMarie said...

I love you. And the fact that I have a cameo in this blog post


It's supposed to snow this weekend. You know what that means!!