4/365: Fried

My mind has been so hazy lately.
For awhile I blamed it on the LSAT. But that's a week's time passed.

Perhaps it's the anxiety of awaiting my score.
Maybe it's certain things I've been suppressing, with hopes of not having to address them.

But one thing I do know:
It's 11:49 pm and I'm actually tired. Exhausted, even.
Usually I'd complain, but this is the start of something wonderful. Maybe my body is forfeiting this civil war that we've been fighting for the last few months.
If my sleep schedule is the only thing I get back, I'll consider it a victory.
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Also, some shots from the wedding I shot this weekend can be found here. Enjoy!

You're all the best!!


Connie said...

I love your shots of the wedding! And what a fun place they had it at... more visually interesting than my cultural hall pics will be (;
And btw, love this low key pic- it's a lot like I'm envisioning for my project!

Amelia Kate said...

Beautiful wedding shots Natalie!