I'm jumping the gun a little bit..
In honor of Thanksgiving, a list of some things I am thankful for.
Ho-hum, I'm a cliche little pilgrim.
Build a Mayflower and sail over it.

1) I am thankful that when I sneeze it is seldom messy. I'm not one of those people that carries tissues with me. So luckily all those inter-winding DNA things gave me SOMETHING good.

2) I am thankful for my Father in Heaven, for His restored gospel, and all things associated. Temples, temples, temples. And Mormon-cooked dinners. Those are the best.

3) I am thankful for Twilight. I have never found more pleasure in making fun of anything. Oh wait, I guess I should be thankful for Nancy Pelosi, the Slap Chop commercial, Shake Weights, and Antoine Dodson.

4) I am thankful for Band-aides. Not that I ever even need them. But let's face it, do you know of any other way to both sport fictitious cartoon characters AND elicit great amounts of sympathy from random strangers? ..Didn't think so.

5) I am thankful for my family and friends. Not the people who become your "friend" as soon as you discover you have a new hobby that benefits the masses. Or as soon as you get some unmerited fame due to something like a motorized-couch (I am so guilty..I added this kid on fbook because I lauded his awesomeness). But the people who put up with me at 2 am when I have sudden urges to make pizookies. Or sip Shirley Temples with me at the {sushi}bar. Those friends.

6) I am thankful for Facebook: the most socially acceptable justification of unproductivity ever..*facepalm*

7) I am thankful for Thanksgiving. To be honest, I don't really care too much about Plymouth rock, or Chief Who-Ha-Whatever-his-Name-Is. I just really like my carbohydrates. Let me obesify in peace; don't give me a history quiz on the first American settlement. Long story short: we colonized the states, colonized the Indians, forced them out of their land, and drove them West. Funny how the elementary school books make it sound like the start of such a great friendship, eh?

8) I am thankful for Shirley Temple. All animal crackers aside, one amazing drink was devised in her honor. And said drink has been my coping mechanism for the last 10 months of LSAT torture. Sugar-schwasted, minus the impaired vision, loss of memory, and excessive vomiting. Okay, so maybe a little vomiting..go big or go home, right?

9) I am thankful for blogging. I don't know why. But I enjoy it. Hopefully you do, as well. If not, see yourself to the x on the top right corner. Ohhhhhhh!

10) I am thankful for traffic school. I now have an even stronger aspiration to: retain all 32 of my teeth until I am deceased, not drink, not drink and drive, not drive, buy 3 bolt-locks for my front door, a gun for under my pillow, and an alarm system I know how to operate. Met some..classy people. Not to mention, almost got my throat slit.

Let the festivities begin.
What are YOU thankful for?


amnixer said...

I am thankful for your blog as well. You have quite a way with words, and a great sense of humor, allows me to escape my own world for a bit.

carlotta said...

I kind of adore this post. #1 and #3 made me laugh ;) And I'm so thankful for blogging too! I don't think I would be the person I am without it. Okay, that might be a little dramatic, but still. I love it.

Kristi Kleisler said...

I am thankful for Can't Stop!