{Remember that time I played hackey-sac with the homeless hippie-men? I do.}

Does anyone else find that when it gets cold outside your hot waters seems to get 10 times hotter?
Or is it just my house..?
Well, I was not-so-gratefully reminded of that when I jumped in the shower tonight.
It was the type of hot that you initially think is ice cold..
until it sets in that your skin in three degrees from crawling right off your muscles.
Needless to say, this led to a high-pitched shriek and me jumping out of the shower and running in circles in my bedroom.
You think I'm kidding?
Good think I slipped and fell flat on my arcave. My bruise will tell you otherwise.

En route to Utah in 4.5 hours. A total of 20 hours of driving for 2 days of snowboarding sounds like a plan to me.
*I just went to bed two hours ago. Hating life right now. Oh wait..snowboarding in 24 hours, you might say? K FINE!*
Text me if you have my number. Keep me company. And awake.


Eeny said...

Can't text you... don't have your number =)=)=)

Kay said...

I'm slightly jealous of your random adventures. Hot showers to hippies.